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Ceramic Pin Grid Array (CPGA)

Ceramic Pin Grid Array Packages is a long established standard industry package. This through hole package consists of a co-fired ceramic base that has a matrix of pins brazed onto the bottom or  top of the base.The lid for this package can be either ceramic "frit sealed" or metal "solder sealed". The package can be designed for either cavity up or cavity down configurations. This package technology allows application and design engineers to  maximize the performance characteristics of semiconductors(silicon& GoAs).

CPGA is designed for low inductance,enhanced thermal operation and capability. Higher Lead counts offer cavity down orientation for potential application of a Heat Sink to assist in thermal dissipation.Minimum pin count is 28 while the maximum pin count is limited to the manufacturer's capabilities.We provide Lead counts from 28 up to 476 .


  • Multilayer ground/power  ceramic package
  • Footprint Compatible with PPGA
  • Rugged construction
  • Variety of Body Sizes
  • High I/O signal carrying capability
  • Heat plate/heat slug/heat sink
  • Hermetically encapsulated packages offering enhanced thermal dissipation


CPGA  part list:

Part Number Lead count Package Type Mfg Drawing No.
CPGA02801 28 PGA IPK28F1-8476E
CPGA06401 64 PGA KD-P83703-C-JMI
CPGA06402 64 PGA KD-P86542-A-JMI
CPGA06403 64 PGA KD-P87892
CPGA06801 68 PGA IPK68F1-944D
CPGA06802 68 PGA KD-P86754
CPGA06803 68 PGA SD-560-0283
CPGA06804 68 PGA KD-P88739
CPGA06805 68 PGA KD-87313-B
CPGA06806 68 PGA KD-P92727-A
CPGA06807 68 PGA KD-P87659-A
CPGA06808 68 PGA IPK69F1-8510D
CPGA06809 68 PGA IPK68F1-8143GA
CPGA06810 68 PGA KD-85018-B
CPGA06811 68 PGA KD-P87587
CPGA06812 68 PGA KD-P89362
CPGA08401 84 PGA KD-P95578-B
CPGA08402 84 PGA KD-P86547-A
CPGA08403 84 PGA IPK84F1-8691A
CPGA08404 84 PGA KD-84838-A
CPGA08405 84 PGA KD-P97375
CPGA08406 84 PGA IPK84F1-8962A
CPGA08407 84 PGA KD-85249
CPGA08408 84 PGA KD-P87264
CPGA08409 84 PGA KD-82494-B
CPGA08410 84 PGA IPK84F1-8630A
CPGA08411 84 PGA KD-P84134-A-JMI
CPGA08412 84 PGA KD-P86763
CPGA08413 84 PGA KD-P99497-JMI
CPGA08414 84 PGA IPK84F1-8396G
CPGA08415 84 PGA 202149
CPGA08416 84 PGA IPK84F1-8200B
CPGA08417 84 PGA KD-P87763
CPGA08418 84 PGA IPK84F1-8765F
CPGA08419 84 PGA IPK84F1-1700A
CPGA08420 84 PGA KD-P85B54-A
CPGA10001 100 PGA KD-82258-D
CPGA10002 100 PGA KD-82258-D-JMI
CPGA10003 100 PGA IPKX0F1-8180BA
CPGA10004 100 PGA KD-P87239
CPGA10005 100 PGA KD-P93B14
CPGA10006 100 PGA IPKX0F1-8180AB
CPGA10007 100 PGA 231088
CPGA10008 100 PGA IPKX0F1-8188E
CPGA10801 108 PGA KD-P95248
CPGA10802 108 PGA KD-P89113-JMI
CPGA10803 108 PGA KD-P91486-A
CPGA10804 108 PGA KD-P87938-A
CPGA10805 108 PGA IPKX0F1-2113A
CPGA10806 108 PGA KD-P96339
CPGA10807 108 PGA KD-P88344
CPGA12001 120 PGA PB-P87645-C-JMI
CPGA12002 120 PGA IPKX2F1-8257A
CPGA12003 120 PGA IPKX2F1-8815A
CPGA12004 120 PGA IPKX2F1-1759A
CPGA12005 120 PGA IPKX2F1-8878G
CPGA12006 120 PGA IPKX2F4-2150A
CPGA13201 132 PGA KD-P83560-D-JMI
CPGA13202 132 PGA KD-P86333-A-JMI
CPGA13203 132 PGA KD-P90402-A
CPGA13204 132 PGA KD-P95175
CPGA13205 132 PGA KD-987951-A
CPGA13206 132 PGA KD-P88069
CPGA13207 132 PGA IPKX3F1-8678C
CPGA14401 144 PGA KD-P95579
CPGA14402 144 PGA IPKX4F1-1169A
CPGA14403 144 PGA IPKX4F1-8575B
CPGA14404 144 PGA KD-89196
CPGA14405 144 PGA KD-P96244
CPGA14406 144 PGA IPKX4F1-1418A
CPGA14407 144 PGA IPKX4F1-8573A
CPGA14408 144 PGA IPKX4F1-2116A
CPGA15501 155 PGA IPKX5F1-2021A
CPGA17501 175 PGA KD-P94916
CPGA17901 179 PGA  
CPGA18001 180 PGA IPKX8F1-1004E
CPGA18002 180 PGA IPKX8F1-8835A
CPGA18003 180 PGA KD-P92433
CPGA18004 180 PGA KD-P96215
CPGA18005 180 PGA IPKX8F0-2096A
CPGA18006 180 PGA KD-P87335-A
CPGA18007 180 PGA IPKXF1-8191AB
CPGA18008 180 PGA IPKX8F1-8192K
CPGA18009 180 PGA IPKX8F1-8837B
CPGA20801 208 PGA PB-P88639-JMI
CPGA20802 208 PGA IPKY0F1-2100A
CPGA22301 223 PGA HL-1517
CPGA22302 223 PGA HL-1316
CPGA22303 223 PGA 1006328
CPGA22304 223 PGA SD-560-590
CPGA22305 223 PGA KD-P95165
CPGA22306 223 PGA IPKY2F1-8324BC
CPGA22307 223 PGA KD-P96685
CPGA22401 224 PGA KD-P95A50
CPGA22402 224 PGA IPKY2F1-1975A
CPGA22403 224 PGA KD-P94C38
CPGA22404 224 PGA KD-P90690
CPGA22405 224 PGA KD-P95A50
CPGA22406 224 PGA KD-P90691
CPGA22407 224 PGA KD-91112-A
CPGA25601 256 PGA IPKY5F1-2091B
CPGA28001 280 PGA IPKY8F1-8018B
CPGA29901 299 PGA IPKY9F1-1794B
CPGA29902 299 PGA IPKY9F1-8959AD
CPGA29903 299 PGA KD-P98F61-REF
CPGA29904 299 PGA IPKY9F1-1811A
CPGA29905 299 PGA IPKY9F1-1811A
CPGA29906 299 PGA SD-560-0161-A3
CPGA38301 383 PGA PB-P91282-C
CPGA39101 391 PGA PB-P90170-A-JMI
CPGA39102 391 PGA SD-560-0147
CPGA39103 391 PGA IPKZ9F1-8752EB
CPGA39104 391 PGA IPKZ9F1-8752EB
CPGA39105 391 PGA IPKZ9F1-8290-FB
CPGA41901 419 PGA KD-P91532-A
CPGA44701 447 PGA KD-94228
CPGA44702 447 PGA KD-A92571
CPGA47601 476 PGA KD-P92567