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No-lead Flat Pack(QFN)/Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC)

No-lead Flat Pack(QFN)/Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC) Package is a long established standard industry package.This surface mount package consists of a co-fired ceramic base that has metalized terminals/pads on the sides and bottom of the package. All QFN(LCC) package has terminals/pads on all four edges of the package. The lid for this package can be either ceramic "frit sealed" or metal "solder sealed". This package provides a hermetic environment for the IC inside. Conventional,JEDEC and other standard types are also available. QFN(LCC) can be soldered directly to the PC board or used in a socket. QFN(LCC) allows application and design engineers to maximize the performance characteristics of semiconductors(silicon,GaAs and S.A.W.). These packages enable end products to be reduced in size and weight.


  • Flexible lead/ pin counts
  • Footprint Compatible with CQJB and PLCC
  • Variety of Body Sizes
  • Hermetic package
  • Exceptional thermal and electrical performance by design
  • Multi-layer,ground/power
  • Cavity up/cavity down configurations

No-lead Flat Pack(QFN)/Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC) - Part List:

Part Number Lead count Package Type Mfg Drawing Num.
LCC00301 3 QFN IRK03F1-5070AA
LCC00302 3 QFN KD-VA0219-01
LCC00303 3 QFN IRK03F1-5070L-NB
LCC00401 4 QFN PB-C89019
LCC00601 6 QFN KD-E91895-A-JMI
LCC00602 6 QFN KD-VA1J38-A-JMI
LCC00603 6 QFN KD-V94364-JMI
LCC01601 16 QFN PB-C88243
LCC01602 16 QFN PB-92280
LCC01603 16 QFN PB-CA3G37
LCC01801 18 QFN IRK18F1-5316A
LCC01802 18 QFN PB-C86280-JMI
LCC01803 18 QFN PB-12970-JMI
LCC02001 20 QFN PB-C86446
LCC02002 20 QFN IRK20F1-5739AAW
LCC02003 20 QFN PB-C85243
LCC02004 20 QFN IRK20F1-5856B
LCC02005 20 QFN PB-92149-A-01
LCC02006 20 QFN M3-01884-R01
LCC02007 20 QFN PB-C93075
LCC02008 20 QFN N/A
LCC02201 22 QFN IRK22F1-5396A
LCC02401 24 QFN PB-81941
LCC02402 24 QFN IRK24F1-171F
LCC02403 24 QFN PB-92234-C-01-JMI
LCC02404 24 QFN PB-92234-C-02-JMI
LCC02405 24 QFN PB-92321-A-01-JMI
LCC02406 24 QFN PB-C89242
LCC02801 28 QFN PB-44608
LCC02802 28 QFN DC-C90001-C
LCC02803 28 QFN PB-C89238
LCC02804 28 QFN PB-02740-A-JMI
LCC02805 28 QFN IRK28F1-5451D
LCC02806 28 QFN PB-75013-A
LCC02807 28 QFN N/A
LCC02808 28 QFN PB-C87651
LCC02809 28 QFN IRK28FO-5245D
LCC02810 28 QFN PB-44823-JMI
LCC02811 28 QFN PB-44762-B-JMI
LCC02812 28 QFN PB-C89241
LCC02813 28 QFN IRK28F1-7423A
LCC03201 32 QFN PB-81788-JMI
LCC03202 32 QFN PB-C85531-B
LCC03203 32 QFN N/A
LCC03204 32 QFN 225835
LCC03205 32 QFN N/A
LCC03206 32 QFN IRK32F1-5691A
LCC03207 32 QFN IRK32F1-5008D
LCC03208 32 QFN PB-13155
LCC03209 32 QFN IRK32F-5337A
LCC03210 32 QFN PB-13004-A
LCC03211 32 QFN IRK32F1-5301A
LCC03212 32 QFN PB-81788
LCC03213 32 QFN IRK32F1-5434A
LCC03214 32 QFN IRK32F1-5008E
LCC03215 32 QFN IRK32F1-5654B
LCC03216 32 QFN IRK32F0-6557A
LCC03217 32 QFN IRK32F1-5646A
LCC03218 32 QFN IRK32F1-285C
LCC03219 32 QFN IRK32F1-5321A
LCC03220 32 QFN MSC-0701
LCC03601 36 QFN PB-34226-JMI
LCC03602 36 QFN SD-560-8239
LCC03603 36 QFN KD-74270
LCC03604 36 QFN PB-CA1J94
LCC04001 40 QFN PB-34405-JMI
LCC04002 40 QFN PB-60867-C-01-JMI
LCC04003 40 QFN PB-12992-A-JMI
LCC04004 40 QFN PB-C87701-A-JMI
LCC04005 40 QFN IRK40F1-5338B
LCC04401 44 QFN PB-81840-B-01-JMI
LCC04402 44 QFN PB-12832-B-JMI
LCC04403 44 QFN 214558
LCC04404 44 QFN PB-C89591-JMI
LCC04405 44 QFN PB-C90577-A-JMI
LCC04406 44 QFN N/A
LCC04407 44 QFN IRK44F1-5366A
LCC04408 44 QFN PB-C91089
LCC04409 44 QFN PB-C93269
LCC04410 44 QFN PB-C89240
LCC04411 44 QFN IRK44F0-5558A
LCC04412 44 QFN IRK44F1-5315C
LCC04413 44 QFN PB-12832-B
LCC04801 48 QFN PB-61034-B-JMI
LCC04802 48 QFN PB-92301-A
LCC04803 48 QFN PB-34279-JMI
LCC04804 48 QFN PB-61034-A
LCC04805 48 QFN PB-81790-JMI
LCC04806 48 QFN IRK48F1-198A
LCC04807 48 QFN N/A
LCC04808 48 QFN PB-C85580-JMI
LCC04809 48 QFN IRK48F1-5498B
LCC04810 48 QFN PB-55304
LCC04811 48 QFN IRK48F1-5491B
LCC04812 48 QFN IRK48F1-234EA
LCC04813 48 QFN PB-C89278-JMI
LCC04814 48 QFN PB-C91375
LCC04815 48 QFN PB-CA0F86-A
LCC05201 52 QFN PB-C92916
LCC05202 52 QFN PB-92155
LCC05203 52 QFN PB-92155-A
LCC05204 52 QFN IRK52F1-372BAW
LCC05205 52 QFN IRK52F1-5235AB
LCC05206 52 QFN IRK52F1-5235AAW
LCC06401 64 QFN PB-81805-A-JMI
LCC06801 68 QFN PB-C87671-B-01-JMI
LCC06802 68 QFN PB-C86058-A-1-JMI
LCC06803 68 QFN PB-81841
LCC06804 68 QFN PB-02662
LCC08401 84 QFN PB-81911
LCC08402 84 QFN PB-C85192
LCC08403 84 QFN PB-C86441-A
LCC08404 84 QFN PB-C85081
LCC08405 84 QFN N/A
LCC08406 84 QFN IRK84F1-262C
LCC08407 84 QFN PB-C87729-JMI
LCC08408 84 QFN PB-C98D25-JMI
LCC08409 84 QFN PB-C86131-JMI
LCC08410 84 QFN PB-C94055-A
LCC08411 84 QFN PB-CA1078
LCC08412 84 QFN PB-C85192-JMI
LCC13201 132 QFN PB-C91192-B