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Flat Packs(CQFP,CQFJ)/Leaded Chip Carriers(LDCC)

Leaded Chip Carriers, known also as Flat Packs, are popular in various surface mount applications.The external leads are either Flat, Gullwing or J-Bend configuration. The Flat Packs are found in lower Lead counts; 8-28 leads. Quad Flat Packs and J - Bend Chip Carriers are typically found in higher Lead counts. Ceramic Leaded Chip Carriers/Flat Packs (ldcc)

Flat Packs have small body outlines and are lightweight. They usually have leads on two sides of the package, which are parallel to  the seating plane. Due to these characteristics the Flat Pack is commonly used in Hi-Rel applications for military airborne equipment.

Quad Flat Packs, QFP's or JLDCC's, are typically with leads counts more than 24 and have leads on all four sides of the ceramic body. These packages are hermetically sealed and  proved to an ideal package for high heat dissipation applications. They can be soldered directly to a PC Board or used in a socket. The lead spacing depending on the package can come in .015, .020, .025 and .050 inches.


  • Multi-layer ceramic package
  • Hermetic package
  • Variety of body size
  • Surface mount or socket application
Flat Packs(CQFP,CQFJ)/Leaded Chip Carriers(LDCC) - Part List:

Part Number Lead count Package Type Mfg Drawing Num.
CCF00601 6 CQFP KD-F94034-JMI
CCF00801 8 CQFP KD-F93D36-A
CCF01001 10 CQFP KD-78092-A-JMI
CCF01002 10 CQFP IFK10F1-2276A
CCF01401 14 CQFP IFS14F1-182CA
CCF01402 14 CQFP KD-F89980-D-JMI
CCF01403 14 CQFP IFK14F1-2055A
CCF01404 14 CQFP KD-FA0479-JMI
CCF01405 14 CQFP KD-F89159-A-JMI
CCF01406 14 CQFP KD-F87370-JMI
CCF01601 16 CQFP KD-80408-B-JMI
CCF01602 16 CQFP IFK16F1-327AA
CCF01603 16 CQFP IFS16F1-2036D-M
CCF01604 16 CQFP IFK16F1-2278B
CCF02001 20 CQFP IFK20F1-278B
CCF02002 20 CQFP KD-82224-A-JMI
CCF02401 24 CQFP KD-F99602-JMI
CCF02402 24 CQFP KD-F84679-JMI
CCF02403 24 CQFP IFS24F1-122JB
CCF03201 32 CQFP IFK32F1-2168A
CCF03202 32 CQFP GW2121M-3
CCF04001 40 CQFP IFK40F1-332A
CCF04002 40 CQFP PB-F85520-A-01-JMI
CCF04003 40 CQFP PB-F66288
CCF04004 40 CQFP PB-F91096
CCF04401 44 CQFP PB-12941-C-JMI
CCF04402 44 CQFP SD-560-9185-A
CCF06401 64 CQFP KD-81281
CCF06402 64 CQFP KD-82650-JMI
CCF06403 64 CQFP KD-85377
CCF06404 64 CQFP PB-F86549-A-JMI
CCF06405 64 CQFP KD-82650-JMI
CCF06801 68 CQFP IFK68F1-2179A
CCF06802 68 CQFP IMK68F1-4635A
CCF08401 84 CQFP PB-F85127-MOD
CCF08402 84 CQFP PB-F90603
CCF08403 84 CQFP IMK84F1-4592AA
CCF08404 84 CQFP IMK84F1-4592AA-MOD
CCF08405 84 CQFP IMK84F1-4506C
CCF10001 100 CQFP PB-F86595-A
CCF10002 100 CQFP N/A
CCF10003 100 CQFP KD-F98406-C
CCF13201 132 CQFP KD-F92133
CCF13202 132 CQFP PB-F89461-A
CCF13203 132 CQFP SD-560-8934
CCF13204 132 CQFP PB-F86099-A
CCF16001 160 CQFP PB-F83332-B
CCF17201 172 CQFP PB-F95281
CCF17202 172 CQFP IMKX7F4-4754A
CCF17203 172 CQFP PB-F96434-C-JMI
CCF19601 196 CQFP SD-560-9563-E
CCF19602 196 CQFP SD-560-0740- C
CCF19603 196 CQFP KD-F94165
CCF19604 196 CQFP KD-F99474-A
CCF19605 196 CQFP PB-F93164-A
CCF19606 196 CQFP PB-F90454-B
CCF19607 196 CQFP PB-F92645
CCF25601 256 CQFP PB-F88393-TC-01
CCJ02801 28 CQFJ PB-F87048-JMI
CCJ02802 28 CQFJ PB-F86193-JMI
CCJ04401 44 CQFJ PB-F86315-JMI
CCJ04402 44 CQFJ PB-A98319-JMI
CCJ04403 44 CQFJ PB-AA0158-JMI
CCJ04404 44 CQFJ PB-F86079-JMI
CCJ04801 48 CQFJ PB-F88206-JMI
CCJ04802 48 CQFJ N/A
CCJ05201 52 CQFJ PB-F86237-JMI
CCJ06801 68 CQFJ PB-F86320-A-JMI
CCJ06802 68 CQFJ PB-F85094-C-02-JMI
CCJ06803 68 CQFJ PB-F89405-JMI
CCJ06804 68 CQFJ PB-F85094-C-02
CCJ06805 68 CQFJ PB-F85094-C-02
CCJ06806 68 CQFJ PB-AA5243-A
CCJ08401 84 CQFJ PB-F88432-JMI
CCJ08402 84 CQFJ PB-F87097-A
CCJ08403 84 CQFJ IFK84F1-2707C
CCJ08404 84 CQFJ PB-F89299-B-JMI
CCJ08405 84 CQFJ PB-F86742-A-02
CCJ08406 84 CQFJ PB-F86327-A
CCJ08407 84 CQFJ PB-F90519-B
CCJ08408 84 CQFJ PB-A94214
CCJ12401 124 CQFJ PB-A94096-A