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Transistor Outlines - TO Headers

TO Headers are intended for high reliability miniature microcircuit applications. The single piece construction provides great strength and resistance to stress. The absence of sidewalls helps to facilitate circuit installation, as well as inspection and test accessibility. Our TO Headers are standard so they'll meet most any requirement.

We also stock a wide variety of TO-Cans (covers) for the TO Headers.


  • High reliability
  • Wide variety of sizes and Lead counts

TO Headers Part List:

Part Number Lead count Package Type Mfg Drawing No.
TO03HD0201 2 TO-03 HEADER 4DP165
TO03HD0202 2 TO-03 HEADER G2.870244
TO03HD0203 2 TO-03 HEADER T0315G/CIE
TO03HD0401 4 TO-03 HEADER SMG100.048
TO03HD0402 4 TO-03 HEADER SMG100.057
TO05HD0601 6 TO-05 HEADER CAH-1458-3
TO05HD0801 8 TO-05 HEADER 04 0000300/306
TO05HD1201 12 TO-05 HEADER B1.042..700
TO05HD0602 6 TO-05 HEADER 4ML005 (MOD 6)
TO05HD1001 10 TO-05 HEADER 4ML054/IG
TO05HD0301 3 TO-05 HEADER N/A
TO05HD0302 3 TO-05 HEADER N/A
TO05HD1002 10 TO-05 HEADER B1.042603
TO05HD0802 8 TO-05 HEADER CAH-1541-3
TO05HD0803 8 TO-05 HEADER N/A
TO05HD1003 10 TO-05 HEADER N/A
TO05HD1004 10 TO-05 HEADER N/A
TO05HD1005 10 TO-05 HEADER B1.042608
TO05HD0804 8 TO-05 HEADER B1.022515
TO05HD0805 8 TO-05 HEADER B1.022510
TO05HD0806 8 TO-05 HEADER SL 04.592.018
TO08HD1201 12 TO-08 HEADER 10893
TO08HD1202 12 TO-08 HEADER D0.612701
TO08HD1601 16 TO-08 HEADER DO.512.901
TO18HD0301 3 TO-18 HEADER B2.001300
TO18HD0302 3 TO-18 HEADER CAH-1038-3
TO18HD0601 6 TO-18 HEADER CAH-1061-1
TO18HD0602 6 TO-18 HEADER CAH-1061-2
TO18HD0401 4 TO-18 HEADER B2.001407
TO18HD1801 18 TO-18 HEADER  
TO18HD0303 3 TO-18 HEADER  
TO18HD0402 4 TO-18 HEADER P2264-02
TO18HD0403 4 TO-18 HEADER P2200-17
TO18HD0304 3 TO-18 HEADER N/A
T018HD0404 4 TO-18 HEADER N/A
TO18HD0405 4 TO-18 HEADER N/A
TO18HD0406 4 TO-18 HEADER 01018-043
TO18HD0407 4 TO-18 HEADER B2.001407
TO39HD0301 3 TO-39 HEADER CAH-1221-A-2
TO39HD0302 3 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO39HD0303 3 TO-39 HEADER D4.211306
TO39HD0401 4 TO-39 HEADER D4.212400
TO39HD0402 4 TO-39 HEADER D4.212402PGG6F0
TO39HD0201 2 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO39HD0202 2 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO39HD0304 3 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO39HD0305 3 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO39HD0306 3 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO39HD0203 2 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO39HD0307 3 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO39HD0308 3 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO39HD0309 3 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO39HD0310 3 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO39HD0311 3 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO39HD0403 4 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO39HD0404 4 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO39HD0405 4 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO39HD0406 4 TO-39 HEADER N/A
TO41HD0301 3 TO-41 HEADER N/A
TO41HD0401 4 TO-41 HEADER N/A
TO41HD0402 4 TO-41 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0301 3 TO-46 HEADER CAH-1149-3B
TO46HD0201 2 TO-46 HEADER 01046-034-1 REV.B/AU
TO46HD0302 3 TO-46 HEADER D4.011310
TO46HD0202 2 TO-46 HEADER D4.011201
TO46HD0203 2 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0204 2 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0205 2 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0206 2 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0207 2 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0208 2 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0209 2 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0210 2 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0211 2 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0212 2 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0213 2 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0214 2 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0303 3 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0304 3 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0305 3 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0306 3 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0307 3 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0308 3 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0309 3 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0310 3 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0311 3 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0312 3 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0401 4 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0313 3 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0402 4 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0501 5 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0502 5 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0601 6 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0602 6 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO46HD0503 5 TO-46 HEADER N/A
TO56HD0301 3 TO-56 HEADER N/A
TO56HD0401 4 TO-56 HEADER N/A
TO56HD0402 4 TO-56 HEADER N/A
TO56HD0403 4 TO-56 HEADER N/A
TO66HD0601 6 TO-66 HEADER G4PW001
TO258HD0301 3 TO-258 HEADER CTA-1006-16 (XP1485)