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Hybrid Package - Multi-Chip Module (MCM)

The Hybrid Package(MCM) is a high density IC packaging.The high speed performance and thermal advantages of the MCM package provide the platform for increased enhancement for mixed semiconductor technologies such as Anolog/ Digital, bipolar/CMOS,ASIC,DSP,etc. in a single IC package. This MCM technology allows existing and presently available ICs to be designed in a single,space-saving, low-cost system package.The MCM may consist of a single construction or be made up of sub-modules. Each module usually contains a compartment to house the hermetically packaged hybrids and discrete passive component parts such as transformers, axle-lead resistors, etc.Hybrid package is a special carrier of hybrid microcircuits and other components interconnected as one unit, or as a component of an electronic subsystem.

These packages come in a wide variety of package configurations: Ceramic, Metal, DIP style and Flat Pack. Hybrid Package / Multi-Chip Module (mcm)


  • Improved thermal performance
  • Superior electrical performance
  • Very low design and tooling cost
  • Flexible circuit designs
  • Versatile substrate routing
  • Choice of package body size

Hybrid package(MCM) part list:

Part Number Lead count Package Type Mfg Drawing No.
HB01401 14 HYBRID KD-80095-A
HB01402 14 HYBRID KPP-08700498-014-008
HB01403 14 HYBRID KPP-08700498-014-001
HB01601 16 HYBRID KD-H96492-JMI
HB01602 16 HYBRID KPP-09700795-016-008
HB01801 18 HYBRID KD-78132
HB01802 18 HYBRID FM066113EA011
HB01803 18 HYBRID ABT3052008
HB02001 20 HYBRID 52007D
HB02201 22 HYBRID AFP4021007
HB02401 24 HYBRID KD-77077-B
HB02402 24 HYBRID 63413
HB02403 24 HYBRID KD-75338-C
HB02404 24 HYBRID KD-H86255-B
HB02801 28 HYBRID KD-85169-JMI
HB02802 28 HYBRID IDK28F2-6593A
HB03401 34 HYBRID FB099099EC007J-FP
HB03402 34 HYBRID F099099EC007J
HB03601 36 HYBRID N/A
HB04001 40 HYBRID PB114214EC057J